Our Company

Alpi Olympika has been a member of one of the largest and leading international transport companies with active business in Greece since 1990.

Subsidiary company of Albini&Pitigliani, a family-owned company with a tradition in the field of freight forwarders and logistics since 1945, Alpi Olympika follows the philosophy and know-how of its Group while combining the capabilities of its people with a person-centered service to its customers. With active and international import and export experience in Ground Transportation, Airfreight, Seafreight as well as Storage, Alpi Olympika develops continuously its services as being in a strategic geographical position and in collaboration with the global network of the Group.

Alpi Olympika knows that every shipment is not the same, even if it has similarities. The people of the company always proceed to extensive research and study of the specifications and requirements of each shipment, in order to cover elements of chance even before the shipment actually starts. The specific approach of the security, cost and consistency meets the requirements and objectives of its customers.


Our mission

All of us in Alpi Olympika are committed to excellent service, efficiency and fulfillment of the business objectives of our clients. Our philosophy is based on the acronym C.A.R.E. (Credibility, Accountability, Relationship, Expertise), the four pillars we endorse and on which our operation is based.


for all services and various assignments, our goal is the successful fulfillment of each shipment. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.


you always talk to people and not receive standard messages. You always know that you talk to the right person who provides you the best solution. Your success is our success.


we always focus on our clients. We aim for personalized, long-term and sustainable relationships because for us, your value is our value as well.


in our company, our trained professionals monitor market trends and business needs. We take care of our people and they take care of you.

Our operation

Every step we make is inspired by our company’s philosophy and our main goal to provide the best quality of services to our customers, is based on our value system, conduct principles and procedures we have set.

Our headquarters and warehouse are located in Mandra, area of Attica, with autonomous cargo ramps while our facilities have alarm system and fire safety. Our customers’ merchandise is monitored by a closed surveillance system (CCTV) in the warehouses and a private security company protects our facilities.

Our company utilizes state of the art operating systems for managing transport and commercial operations.

Site: https://www.alpiworld.com/

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